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Blueberry Park Primary School


Hello!  Thank you for visiting   Y5  D.H.’s page.

We are a very happy class of  hard working children.

We  have set ourselves the target of always saying , ‘I can!’ and ‘We can!’ because we believe if we try something we will be able to do it as well as anyone else.

We will all get a chance to go  to forest school this year.  This helps us to develop our muscles and our lungs and to make great friends.  We learn how to tie knots, make shelters, light fires and cook.  We also learn about conservation and why it is so important to life on Earth.

All of us are doing well at Swimming.  We  go every week  and this is not only fun but it  helps us to be safe around water. We go every Wednesday and bring a full kit to school.

We have P.E. on Friday’s and we bring a full kit to school for that.  As well as that we do dance exercises in class every  morning and afternoon.   We really care about keeping fit.

We have joined fun after school clubs like dance, dodgeball and speech and drama. We have  had fun sessions with the local police who are also helping us all to stay safe.  We will be working with people from Barnardo’s  and there are workshops to visit during Roald Dahl week. 

We will be visiting  World of Glass next month to learn about the making of glass as part of our Science learning.

Our homework is given out every night and brought back to school every day. Thanks to all our family members who listen to us reading. 

This really is a school where good things happen!

Thanks for dropping in. Come back again later in the year and find out what else we have been enjoying and learning.  

Y5  D.H.   Mrs. D.I. Harris and Mrs. S. Foy.