Massage in Schools

Massage in Schools is an international programme of positive touch and clothed peer massage (child to child massage) for children of 4-12 years. This successful programme, developed by Mia Elmsater and Sylvie Hetu, was first introduced in England in 2000 and uses massage and positive touch to encourage learning and develop children’s social and emotional skills. It is proven to improve children's concentration (Renfrewshire Study 2005) and recognised as an effective   anti-bullying strategy.

The vision of the Massage in Schools programme is that every child attending school experience positive and nurturing touch every day, everywhere in the world.

There are three main aspects to the Massage in Schools programme:

• An ethos of respect and choice as every child is asked for permission before massage and has the right to say ‘no’.
• A 15 minute clothed daily massage routine on the head, back, arms and hands, led by an adult.
• A range of activities, which use visualisation and kinaesthetic learning and encourage positive touch throughout the curriculum.

The Massage in Schools programme is inclusive; every child can join in and the programme is adapted for children who have special needs.  

We have been using Massage in Schools in Nursery this year and the  children absolutely love it!


Massage in Schools