Year 3 trip to Catalyst Museum

As part of our Science work, Year 3 enjoyed their day at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes! Both classes spent time in a ‘Forces and Magnets’ workshop where we got to experiment with magnets of all shapes and sizes. We also learned about magnetism. Claire, who was leading the workshop, showed us how magnets can be strong or weak and it doesn’t matter their size. We were amazed when she used a very small magnet to lift a stool off the floor!

We had a lot of fun exploring the various floors of the centre too. There was a puzzle lab where we got to challenge ourselves with different maths activities. The top floor of the centre is an observatory where you can see the whole area! We could look through the security cameras onto the car park, see the River Mersey, and look through video microscopes.

We absolutely loved our visit and hope to go again!

Year 3 visit the Science Museum