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Blueberry Park Primary School

Sunshine Room

Love Learning...Love Life!


Welcome to the Sunshine Room at Blueberry Park.


Miss Harvey is the room leader. Miss O'Shaughnessy and Mrs Cunliffe are also based in the room.

The team are guided and supported on a daily basis by Miss Glover, our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and Key Stage 1 Leader, alongside the KS1 teachers, Miss Williams, Mrs Woods, Miss Smith and Miss Kane. 


The Sunshine Room is a well resourced continuous provision/nurture style setting for a small group of year 1 children which will help to support their transition into our year 1/2 classes. The amount of time that children spend in the Sunshine Room is dependent on their needs, with progress being regularly reviewed.


Whilst learning in the Sunshine Room, the children will participate in activities that are similar to those in their mainstream class to support later reintegration. Activities are planned by their teachers and tailored to the children's individual needs. The room is a cheerful, calm and safe space which is designed to be low stimulation in nature to prevent sensory overload. 


In the Sunshine Room we provide the children with planned opportunities which encourage sharing, turn taking and co-operative play. Conversation, communication and social interaction are promoted and modelled by the adults in the room. It is a place where the children can develop their confidence, independence and communication skills in a small group setting. 


In the Sunshine Room, the children have their own personalised visual timetable. They do lots of Maths, English, Science, phonics, child initiated play, messy play,  cookery, reading and music as well as other exciting activities. The children also enjoy keeping active with P.E. and Wake and Shake. They have daily Snack and Chat which is a great time to share news, ask questions and build positive relationships. 


The Sunshine Room also contains a Calm Corner, Black Out den, Sensory Space, Messy Play, water and sand areas. 


We have been settling into our new room and routines this week.

We have been making paintings similar to the artist Piet Mondrian. We used primary and made secondary colours to decorate them.

We made some yummy teddy bear biscuits as we have been reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

This week we have been looking at The Naughty bus story and we have experienced different activities around this story. In Numeracy, we added people onto the bus and took people off the bus. We have also had beans in our tuft spot for the children to push the bus and cars around in it. For Literacy, we did a cutting and sticking activity labelling the bus. 

We have made beautiful butterfly pictures and we have mixed different colours together in our tuft spot, with the cars, to see what colours we can make.

Our cookery activity was fruit kebabs that as you can see, went down well. 

Here are some activities we have enjoyed this week.

This week in Maths we have been looking at more and less and matching the amount to the correct number. In Literacy we have been looking at the Dogger story, so we have made a lost toy poster and we have put the pictures from the story into the correct sequence. We have been using the xylophones in Music to keep the rhythm of songs from the Charanga website. The children have been enjoying our funky finger activities by using the tweezers to put pom poms into the numbered tubs, putting pegs on the houses, threading and nuts and bolts. Our Artist this week is Mark Rothko and as you can see the children have done a brilliant job of blending the colours. The Chia seeds were our sensory activity this week and they went down a treat, even the staff had a try. All the children are doing well with the pencil control worksheets and we will keep encouraging the children with this activity. Cookery this week was white chocolate rice krispie cakes and they were delicious. 

This week we have been using counters for different Maths activities like connect 4 and matching the amount to the number. We have also been playing dominoes, we counted the dots to see if they matched. We used the transport objects to see which one was first, second and third. In Literacy we have been looking at the story of The Tiger who came to tea. We have made face masks, wrote some invitations to invite someone to come to tea and we have drawn what we like for tea and what our teachers like for tea. In Art we have made pictures similar to Artist Paul Klee using different shapes. Our Sensory activity was cloud dough this week and the children really enjoyed it. In music, the children chose an instrument  and then we followed the rhythm. Our cookery activity this week was to make sandwiches to coincide with the Tiger who came to tea story, the children chose whether they wanted to make jam or cheese sandwiches and really enjoyed eating them up.  

In Maths this week we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less, we have also been working out number facts of 10 in different ways, using Numicon and sharing out people. We have been looking at patterns using the interactive board and counters. In Literacy we have been focusing on rhymes and poems. We also went on a windy walk to see what we could hear, see and feel. In Art and craft we used leaves we found on our windy walk to do leaf printing and sticking them on to pictures.  In cookery this week, we made apple crumble. The children had a little try but preferred the cream that we put with it.

We will invite parents in on a termly basis to join the children for Messy Play. We will let you know the date nearer the time. 


If you would like to find out more about the Sunshine Room, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see Miss Glover our SENCo.