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Half Term Challenge!!

Kyle has written another fabulous story for you all. Please read and email me some positive comments about it for him please.

It was only then that I realised things weren’t as quite as they seemed. Me and my brother were playing a game of truth or dare when he started saying things he didn’t always say. I was confused at first but then as soon as I started to think nothing of it I heard him whispering to himself “she will become one of us”. After he said that he looked at me laughing like something was funny. I decided to pretend I didn’t know what he said and went home to bed. In bed I was thinking and thinking of what he whispered yesterday. The nightmares I had the theory’s I had were hard to believe. I couldn’t believe I was talking about my brother like this. Or is he even my real brother.

The next day had come and I started thinking to myself that it probably wouldn’t happen again. Well that was until he smashed my mums cup and blamed it on ME! Was he trying to get me in trouble? Me knowing what my mum would be like went to go find her when all of a sudden, she wasn’t even there! Now things started to get weird, it was like he wanted me to go there and find out. My brother is acting very different and weirder. He whispered to himself “she will become one of us” and didn’t want me to know. Mum all of a sudden has disappeared. If it is him causing all this chaos will I be next. We had to go to bed because my “brother” was screaming go to sleep. Hopefully he doesn’t mean that as in death, probably not. At night I couldn’t believe my ears! I heard him talking again but to this time it was with another person. Something I heard from their conversation was. “She is falling into my trap we will do the plan tomorrow.” As soon as I heard that I was frightened.  What do they mean falling into my trap? There was panic running down my spine every second.

 “Oh no” I said to myself realising the next day has arrived and my brother had a smile on his face. It was a normal day well that was until 12:50 which was a time I heard on the call last night. He exclaimed if I wanted to play truth or dare. I wanted to say no so badly but the menacing look on his face just made me say yes. Every round I picked truth because what messed up things would he make me do. All of a sudden, I heard him say dare or dare. He looked at me and shouted “you can only pick dare no truths!” At this point I had to give in so stubbornly I picked dare. The thing he said still repeats in my head every day. He said with a humongous smile “Go check out that house.” It was the abandoned house every kid had rumours on “And it’s a dare you HAVE to do it” He added. As I tiptoed in trying not to make a noise I saw it. MY MUM! She was tied to a chair with tape on her mouth so she couldn’t talk. The sight was horrendous. As I tried to untie the rope trapped on her I found out that the brother was an evil IMPOSTOR! My real brother was here as well tied up. I then looked at my mum. She was screaming but I couldn’t understand. Well that was until I saw the evil brother who then tied me up. Will I ever escape?...


Friday 22nd May

Lifestyle challenge - Make breakfast

Drawing challenge - Design a cool invention

I can't believe it is the end of Summer 1 and half term already! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!! There will be no daily activities next week but we will be setting you all a challenge for half term which could earn you a certificate and maybe a badge. This will be uploaded on here later on today or over the weekend.


You have got chance to be a Guinness World Record holder through Times Table Rock Stars. Have a look how to enter below and get your parents to help you.


Fluent in 5

1. What is the value of MDLXI ? =

2. 700 x 30 = 

3. 0.6 x 4 =

4. Double 2500 =

5. 68 + ? = 100



Find the mistakes

GPS - Can you use an ellipsis to create suspense in your writing? Look and write about the picture below using an elipsis.

My examples

Out of the teapot it cape… A terrifying hissing sound and a loud clattering…

Tap…Tap…Tap… Something was trying to get out…


Read ‘The Jumblies’ can you identify all the words that rhyme? Can you find more rhyming words for each of them?

Thank you for continuing to be your magnificent selves during the last half term. Have a lovely half term and look out for our challenge coming soon. I have finished this half term with another feel good dance (see above).

Stay safe, have fun, read lots and be kind. Miss you all, Mrs Gelling :-)

Weekly Activities



Watch the video clips about deserts in Africa.

Now use the links to learn about rivers in Africa.

Write a paragraph about each.




Make a human circuit and email us photos!

Think of the components you could use; batteries, bulbs, wires, buzzers, motors, switches.




In Africa, masks represent animals and ancestors, and wearing one, they believe, turns a tribal warrior or leader into an invincible force to reckon with. Create your own African mask.


Look at the emojis below, do you know what they mean?

Did you know 571 web pages are created every minute?

Create a set of rules for your younger siblings or cousins to advise them how to stay safe online in the future. EG Stay safe, don’t give personal information out.





PE with Joe Wicks – you tube 9am – 9.30am everyday 

Computing  - Algorithms and debugging



Scroll down to Week three: Draw a portrait and write a musical memory...

Join Naomi Wilkinson and create a piece of art and writing to connect with someone you love. Draw a picture and share a memory with a friend or family member to show you are thinking of them. This activity is part of the BBC Music and Dementia initiative.

Follow the steps, we can’t wait to see what you do!

Year 5/6 KG

Mrs Gelling and Mrs Rich would like to welcome you to 5/6 KG.

Fun, happiness and dedication fills our classroom every day. All children are motivated and inspired through their love of learning and opportunities created for them. Since becoming our 'class family' in September, the hard work, dedication and progress from all children has been exceptional. Independence and change in mindset has encouraged children to think deeper and be resilient learners. 

As a class we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about WW2 especially evacuation, the blitz and Anne Frank, and we are just as excited to learn what happened after the war ended. Michael Morpurgo has been a huge influence for us as a class. We have read 'War Horse', extracts from other books including 'Shadow' and 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and researched his themes and style of writing. 

Maths is everywhere! As maths lead for the school, I am keen and excited for new opportunities and experiences that the children are exposed to everyday. Throughout Blueberry Park, we aim to make Maths as real as possible for the children and make links to their everyday lives. 

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics." Paul Halamos

I believe that if we provide children with opportunities, resources and time to explore and problem solve we are enabling them to flourish and reach their true potential.

Recently 5/6 KG dressed as rock stars and engaged in a lot of mathematical activities linked to all areas of the curriculum, they also learned about 'Fibonacci' (an Italian Mathematician) and worked together to create his sequence of numbers. We have many more exciting enrichment opportunities planned for the children including Brainbuster workshops, Maths Party day and Natwest bank 'My money sense' workshops.

Science in Spring 2 begins with a fabulous trip to the Catalyst museum were we will be introduced to our new topic 'Light'. 


We always aim to be the best we can, to learn as well as we can and to support and help each other so as we can 'Love Learning and Love Life'.


Thank you for your continued support this year. 

Important information:                                

PE - PE is on a Thursday and Friday.  We are thrilled to have Gymnastics with a coach from Beth Tweddle academy. Please make sure your child has a full kit  in school.

Reading - Reading is a huge focus in Blueberry Park. We love reading for pleasure, having a class reading book and reading to our friends and class. Reading books will be sent home each night.  Please spend time listening to your child read and make a note in their reading record. (Class awards are given for the class who have read most at home!) Their reading books should then come back to school each day.


Homework - Homework will be given out on a Friday. This will consist of spellings, times tables and maths linked to the maths focus that week. If you would like support with the maths homework, feel free to drop in and we can work through it together. Homework club is available on a Tuesday and Thursday after school (see Miss Garson for your child to attend).

Homework must be completed each night and books returned to school by the following Thursday.



 This is our way of supporting children with their reading comprehension skills. You too can refer to VIPERS when reading with your child at home.

V- Vocabulary

I - Inference

P- Prediction

E- Explanation

R- Retrieval

S- Summarise


Curriculum Map 2019-2020

 Curriculum Map for parents 5 and 6 autumn.pdfDownload
 Curriculum Map for parents 5 and 6 spring.pdfDownload
 Y5 and Y6 Curriculum Map 2019-2020.pdfDownload
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Times tables are the key to life! Knowing times tables help with all aspects of maths in school as well as maths at home and in all strands of employment.

All pupils' have a log in for this programme and they have created their own avatar. The more they play the quicker they become, the quicker they become the more coins they earn, the more coins they earn the more they can change their avatar! Exciting, fun and competitive

Without knowing children are becoming quicker at knowing times tables as well as the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Please encourage your children to access this at home, challenge each other and even the teachers in the school (we all have avatars too!)

I am the rock legend - Rainey Bloom! Please challenge me!

NSPCC National Number Day Fun!

5/6 KG had lots of fun making number sandwiches, solving maths problems in P.E, creating Fibonacci number sequences and rocking out on Times Tables Rock Stars.