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Blueberry Park Primary School



We are very well-resourced at Blueberry Park, benefiting from two libraries, which contain a range of various Scheme Book Band books, Non-fiction texts, Class Reader sets, Guided Reading sets and quality chapter books that ensure reading for pleasure and enjoyment. We also subscribe to First News children's newspapers, National Geographic for Kids and Whizz, Pop, Bang magazines, while every class has developed their own designated Reading Area. 


Book Band Books 

Our main scheme is Oxford Reading Tree, which includes: Floppy's Phonics, Biff, Chip and Kipper, Traditional Tales, Songbird Phonics, inFact and Story Sparks. Book Bands are used across different reading schemes to indicate the reading level of each book. They start at Stage 1 - Lilac (Reception age) and progress to Stage 11 - Lime.  Once our more able Year 2 children are ready to move on from Lime books, they are introduced to Challenge Books, which are short, chapter books by famous authors such as: Roald Dahl, Jeremy Strong and D. King-Smith, in preparation for Reading in Key Stage 2. In Year 3, according to their Reading Age, the children are encouraged to read Stages 12-20, which include: Classic Texts, Graphic Novels, technical and wider vocabulary and so are much more challenging. Once they reach Stage 16, our children are also encouraged to choose a second book from the library to further develop their Reading for Pleasure. Every child is heard to read by an adult in school at least once per week and are encouraged to read to an adult at home every night.

Guided Reading

Our Guided Reading ability groups read books from Big Cat and Project X. They may also read from a specific text or novel appropriate to the genre which they are currently studying. Every child reads in a group with an adult once per week.

Class Readers

 Children listening to the teacher reading aloud is extremely important in our school: we encourage this every day. It is their chance to listen to good modelling of the various reading strategies such as: character expression, reading to the punctuation, tackling difficult vocabulary and pausing for dramatic effect. At Blueberry Park, we have invested in class sets of books to encourage pupils to read along, whilst being read to, in addition to the extensive range of single copies.