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Blueberry Park Primary School

Maths Parental Engagement


We enjoy having parents take part in their children’s learning at every opportunity. Recently parents were invited to share fun, practical maths activities with their child in all year groups. This was a fantastic morning enjoyed by all.

Positive feedback from our parents linked to parental engagement sessions and Maths in Blueberry Park.


“I enjoyed the different ways you managed to make maths seem like fun and not work.”


“Parental engagement is nice to be a part of as I can see my child’s learning.”


“I enjoyed mixing with my child’s friends and learning what my child learns.”


“It was good to interact with my son in his school environment.”


“This was brilliant. It was really nice seeing all the children learning Maths in a fun way.”


“It was a great opportunity to see how my child does Maths lessons at school.”


“Children and staff were so enthusiastic. There were lots of brilliant activities to choose from and everyone got involved.”


“I felt excited but intrigued to see what my daughter learns in school.”


“It’s nice to feel involved with my child’s school life.”