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Welcome to Year 1 EK

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Home Learning Spring 1 2021

Friday 12th February 2021

Wake and Shake


Happy Friday Year 1, 


Well done on completing another half term of home learning. We are incredibly proud of all the work you have been doing at home. We want to say a huge thank you to our parents too for all of the support you have given us and the children during this time. 


Have a look at the school Twitter and Instagram pages over the weekend where you will hopefully see your work in a post. We will be uploading the highlights of this half term. 


Finally, we hope you have a relaxing, fun and safe week off and we cannot wait to see you back here and in school very soon for more exciting learning. 


Miss Kane & Miss Scott 


In the home learning packs there are 2 reading books. You can also support your child with there reading by using the oxford owl reading website ( Once you are the website, click login and the parents tab.


Email for the login details.


There are a few things that I would like you to do today! You may have seen some strange symbols in the video yesterday and they are called 'Inequality signs'. Today, you are going to use them in your work. Here are the things that I would like you to do today:

  • Look at the sign for the inequality signs to help you remember how to use them. 
  • Re-watch the video on comparing number sentences
  • Watch and join in with the crocodile video
  • Complete both of the worksheets!
 Inequality signs poster.docxDownload
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 Friday Comparing Statements 1.docxDownload
 Friday Comparing Statements 2.docxDownload
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Phonics - Friday 12th February  


Ditty and Red Video

Please watch the video and then find the rest of the work for either Ditty group or Red group. 

Speed sound

Ditty Work

Reading –

Spelling -


Please read the sheet below and write the sentence beside where it says 'Hold a Sentence.'

Red Work

Please read the pictures from the red book below and write the sentence beside where it says 'Hold a Sentence.'

Reading –

Spelling -


Speed sound


Speed sound


Speed sound

Mrs Hynes


 Day 10 story pages.pdfDownload
 Day 10 work.pdfDownload
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Chinese New Year is on the 12th of February. Read through the PowerPoint and complete the activities. If you can print, make the paper chain. If not, create a Chinese Dragon by cutting out shapes on paper in your house. 



There is a video below that introduces the children to Spanish phrases. The first is 'Hola' which means hello. The second is 'Me llamo ...' which means my name is...

Watch the video, practice the phrases and colour in the Hola sheet if you can print it out. 



In the first pack, we put red or pink card to make Valentine's day cards. There is a picture below of some examples that you can copy. 

 Year 1 Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
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 Curriculum map for parents Year 1 Autumn 1.pdfDownload
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