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Home learning 

Friday 22nd January.

Hello Year 5/6!

Well done for completing another week of home learning. Today or over the weekend have a go at this Roald Dahl quiz, how many stories can you spot in this list? I'll start you off - number 1 is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Maths - Statistics

English - Crater Lake

Write a crime report to show Miss Hoche.

GPS - Subject and verb agreement.

Read the information on the first page then have a go of answering the questions. Copy out sentences or tables if needed. 


Look at the 6 pictures from David Hockney’s The Arrival of Spring collection.

Which piece of art do you prefer and why? Which is your least favourite and why?

Now focus on your favourite picture. 

 What do you think the artwork is about?

How does it make you feel?

Where do you think the artist was when he painted it?



Healthy body = healthy mind

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