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Blueberry Park Primary School

Handwriting and Presentation

“Handwriting is a tool that has to work. It must be comfortable, fast and legible.”

Angela Webb, Chair, National Handwriting Association.

Our Aims

As a school our aims in teaching handwriting are that the pupils will:

  • Develop a recognition and appreciation of pattern and line
  • Learn the conventional ways of forming letter shapes, both lower case and capitals
  • Understand the importance of clear presentation in order to communicate meaning
  • Take pride in the presentation of work, developing handwriting with a sense of enjoyment and achievement
  • Be supported in developing correct spelling quickly through a multisensory approach to handwriting
  • Be able to write quickly to aid expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively across the curriculum and for a range of purposes
  • Use their skills with confidence in real life situations
  • Develop a fluent, comfortable, legible, joined handwriting style

Please click on the link below to view our policy:


      Handwriting and Presentation Policy