Ackers Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L14 2DY

0151 233 2480

Blueberry Park Primary School


Our Staff

Executive Head Teacher  - Mrs K Honey

Head of School - Miss C Doran

Chair of Governors - Councillor B Murray


School Business Manager - Mrs R Robinson

Office Manager - Mrs K Albiston

Pastoral Care Manager - Mrs J Garson

Senco - Miss L Glover (Upper Key Stage 2 Leader)

PPA and Management Cover - Mrs S Williams


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Teacher - Miss D Higgins

Nursery Supervisor - Mrs S Flack

Teaching Assistants - Miss S Cunliffe, Miss A Foy, Mrs L Lynch,  Mrs N McGunnigle, Mrs J Rakem, Miss C Ross. Miss  W Wilson

Reception RDA - Miss D Albiston (EYFS Leader)

Reception RRH - Mrs R Hynes

Teaching Assistants - Mrs M Barwise, Mrs P Block, Mrs M Johnson, Miss A O'Shaunessy


Key Stage 1

1/2 JH - Miss J Hill

1/2 KG - Mrs K Gelling (KS 1 Leader)

1/2 KW -  Mrs K Woods

Teaching Assistants - Miss C Harvey, Mrs M McBride, Mrs K Rich


Key stage 2

3/4 EF - Miss E Fearnley

3/4 PF - Mr P Forrest

3/4 TE - Miss T Eddleston  (Lower key Stage 2 Leader)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs C Coombes, Mrs V Flynn, Mrs B Hodgson, Mrs M Lee (HLTA)

5/6 DC - Miss D Clark

5/6 DH - Mrs D Harris

5/6 SP - Miss S Pettigrew

Teaching Assistants - Mrs C Crowder (HLTA), Mrs S Foy, Mrs C Smith (HLTA), Mr W Yung (Sports Coach)


Site Manager -  Mr M Maguire

Cleaners - Mrs M Binns, Miss N Brabcova, Miss I Brannan, Mrs L Hughes, Mrs S  Sharkey

Cook - Mrs D McCourt,

Catering Assistants - Mrs Z Drtinova, Mrs L Emmanuel, Mrs P Johnson, Mrs V Wright

Mid Day Supervisors - Mrs M Binns, Miss I Brannan, Mrs J Brannan, Miss C Antley, Mrs J Irving, Mrs N McGunnigle, Mrs S Simpson, Mrs J Schofield, Miss H Williams