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Emily(a couple of days ago)

Although my children haven’t been in blueberry park for long I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable putting them in school. My eldest has ASD and faces a lot of challenges and even though school don’t have the capacity to facilitate all his needs they really try there best. Couldn’t thank Mrs Glover enough for listening to every concern I have over my child and for always trying to put something in place to help him get through his school day. Also to Mrs Kerwin who hasn’t been at blueberry park for long but both my children have to a shine to her and she’s always willing to help. My child is currently receiving all the support in school he can e.g calm start to help him transition into school from home, regular sensory breaks to help him regulate in between lessons, closely monitored on the yard as he doesn’t interpret play as other kids do, home communication book to help myself and teachers understand how he has felt/feeling that day and trips to the sensory room daily.

Adele(about a week ago)

Lovely school, the senco is always more than willing to talk to you with any concerns you have and try to work with you to best meet your child’s needs. I have a SEN child and his 1-1 teacher is brilliant. Although this school doesn’t meet my child’s needs it really has done its best to work with myself and my child.

Megan obrien(about a week ago)

Really good support from the senco team miss glover In particular has been amazing thank you so much

Claire Kilshaw(about a year ago)

I absolutely adore Blueberry Park. Both my daughters attend reception and preschool. My eldest daughter absolutely loves if. All the teachers go above and beyond, not only from an educational standpoint but on a emotional and personal level to. I thoroughly recommend that any parent chose Blueberry as a first option, I wouldn't trust my girls anywhere else.

Jenny S(about a year ago)

My grandson attends Blueberry Park and he absolutely loves going to school. All the staff are brilliant, despite his needs, he has developed amazing friendships. He tells us about how important it is to celebrate everyone’s differences, and he loves to talk to us about what he has learned. We’ll done everyone at Blueberry Park!

Anonymous(about a year ago)

As a parent I could not ask for better school for my child to attend. The staff make all children and families feel valued and are inclusive of their backgrounds, race, ethnicity and religion this is shown through many celebrations throughout the year. The school has a kind and warming atmosphere and is a fantastic place for learning to take place.

David McGunnigle(about a year ago)

I think the school applying for the rainbow flag award encourages children’s acceptance of different relationships, it’s a fantastic award to go for.

Suzana(about a year ago)

This school is amazing and my son denis is loving this school and enjoying it every time he comes back from school he has a smile on his face

Jane McCormack(about a year ago)

I am a parent of 4 children who have all attended Blueberry Park my youngest son has ASD and severe learning difficulties, so transferred to a Special Ed School at Year 1 age but the support he received while at Blueberry Park was outstanding and I will be forever grateful. Blueberry Park go above and beyond to make children and their families welcome regardless of their backgrounds, culture, ethnicity or religious beliefs and I am so happy that they are applying for The Rainbow Flag Award to help in promoting respect, kindness and acceptance throughout School and the community

Ourdert Tonga(about a year ago)

Superb school. My son comes from African heritage and cultural differences, the school talking about rainbow relationship and opening a new world of acceptance is mind blowing. The school does not tolerate any form of prejudice or bulling when it comes to cultural/religious/ race or relationship difference is a school where I would proudly send my children to. I'm proud to call myself a Blueberry parent. Thanks to all the amazing staff at Blueberry Park.

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