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Blueberry Park Primary School

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At Blueberry Park we are committed to the delivery of a high quality curriculum which provides a variety of opportunities for our children to develop as independent, resourceful, and curious learners. We want our children to have a desire to learn new things and challenge themselves each day. We work extremely hard with children and their families to develop their independent learning skills and excitement for learning.


Below you will find detailed information about our Early Years and Foundation Stage...

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Our curriculum goals 

Listen: To be a good listener and a confident talker


We work together, listening and sharing ideas.


We create and use story telling in our Small World and Construction Area.


We ask questions and talk about the different things we notice 


We practice our story telling skills

We use story maps to tell our stories


We retell stories using roleplay


Care: To care for themselves and others

We make friends & know how to make them happy


We work together to make amazing creations


We play alongside our friends and have fun


We take turns and share our toys


Move: To move their bodies with good balance and control


We carefully join construction pieces together


We practise throwing & catching different objects


We use our bodies to create different shapes.


We negotiate spaces when moving at speed


We move over, under and through different objects


Investigate: To investigate and ask questions about the world around them

We explore other cultures and religions

We join in with special celebrations

We look at how things change over time

We learn about the different jobs that people have

We learn to care for plants and animals


Count: To be able to count, recognise and write numerals to 10

We count objects and match them to numbers.

We put shapes together to create models

We play games to recognise numbers

We learn to count carefully

We create pictures using shapes & talk about them.

We investigate coins, time and measure


Read: To talk about a favourite story


We read books to others

We talk about our favourite books and why we like them.

We share and enjoy reading books together

We share books at home with our family

We play games to help children hear and recognise the letter sounds.

We learn how to use our phonics to help us read our words


Perform: To share or perform a creation of theirs to others

We use colours and shapes to create pictures.

We explore mixing colours

We use our imagination & play alongside others

We move in time to music.

We cut, stick & fold things to make our creations

We use different objects to print with

We sing and dance on the stage.



Write: To write a simple sentence and tell an adult what it says

We create things and make marks

We practise our writing on whiteboards

We write with chalks  and other materials