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School Uniform

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Essential Uniform

Please make a note of these guidelines for our school uniform. We are currently reminding pupils and parents of our rules. Please note these guidelines are strictly enforced.

We consider it a parental responsibility to make sure children are dressed correctly every day.  Please note that if the uniform guidelines are not followed consistently on a daily basis, parents/carers will be invited in to discuss these concerns with a senior member of staff.


Pupils should always be wearing a combination of

Grey tailored trousers, skirt or pinafore

Knee length shorts in the summer - optional

Yellow summer dress - optional

Yellow polo shirt

Blue sweatshirt with the school logo

Blue cardigan (optional) - with the school logo

Socks and tights need to be plain black, grey or white


We recommend for health and safety purposes that children wear school jogging bottoms and a yellow polo shirt.

PE Kits (Reception-Yr 6)

Children are required to wear plain navy tracksuits (jogging bottoms with zipped hooded top), and are encouraged to come to school wearing them (instead of getting changed during the day). Tracksuits are available with the school logo from West Derby Schoolwear, Eaton Road.  Navy tracksuits can also be purchased from other suppliers such as the major supermarkets, but must be plain, with no brand markings

White t- shirt with school logo

Plain blue shorts

Black plimsolls (indoor)  Trainers  (only for outdoor)

We do encourage older children to keep a roll of antiperspirant in their PE bags but no aerosols please  

Trainers which are worn for day wear are not allowed to be worn for PE

All PE kits need to be supplied in a bag that is clearly labelled with the child’s full name and class. 


Plain black school shoes*

Plain  trainers* (must have a black sole)

Plain black flat boots (in the winter). These should NOT be Ugg boots.

Black school shoes should be flat. All shoes must be fully fitted (no sling backs or peep toes) and must be easy to fasten by your child. They should not have any flashing lights as this is extremely distracting for all children. These are Health and Safety rules. Pupils who are not wearing safe footwear which adheres to school uniform rules will be asked to change into plimsolls for the remainder of the school day. If plimsolls are unavailable children will not be allowed on the playground as any physical activity in the wrong footwear can cause a huge risk.


Additional Requirements

Plain gold or silver stud earrings are permitted. Simple watches are allowed; they need to have plain straps. Expensive jewellery is discouraged. Your child will be asked to remove non uniform jewellery and the school does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

We advise that long hair is tied back, especially during PE lessons due to health and safety risks.

All children require a school book bag bearing the school logo, these can also be obtained from the school uniform shop. 



It is extremely important that all items are clearly labelled with both names and class. Parents need to check this regularly, as over time these become less visible.

The school does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

Any reasons for a variation in the above uniform must be fully discussed with a senior member of staff and agreed in writing.

We advise parents and carers to buy polo shirts, sweat shirts, fleeces, caps, hats, PE kits and school bags through the school uniform shop ....

Most supermarkets stock a range of basic school wear but please note we encourage uniform bearing our school logo.  

 Jewellery and Valuables

Jewellery must not be worn and the school will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

Children who wear watches do so at their own risk. Earrings should be confined to studs .

Parents are advised to arrange for any ear piercing to take place during the summer holidays, giving time for any soreness to heal.